Healthy livestock through automatic monitoring
for GD animal health service

About GD Animal Health

GD Animal Health is a leading organisation in animal health and animal production. Over ninety years, GD Animal Health has supported industrial customers, governments, veterinarians and farmers by providing animal health programmes and laboratory diagnostic services.

The main goal of GD Animal Health is ‘Teaming up for animal health, in the interest of animals, their owners and society at large’. Good health is in the interest of animals and contributes to sustainable farming. This work fulfils the wishes of a society that wants eco-friendly food that is tasty, safe and healthy. GD Animal Health has been working on these goals for almost a hundred years.


Software development

Field of work

Animal health

Used since:



Microservices architecture, Docker, .NET core, Angular, MongoDB, Continuous Integration, CleverCloud

Challenge: automating a complex process

Monitoring animal health is a continuous process and requires proof from cattle farms, lab checks, registration and processing in systems and efficient communication to internal and external parties. For the GD, it is important that the entire process of declaring livestock farmers disease-free is automated and simplified in one modular system. Whyellow faced the challenge to solve this complex puzzle.

Solution: an intelligent engine

In order to optimize the entire process within the GD, all incoming proofs (test results), action requests (eg blood tapping), communication concerning logistics and actions had to be monitored and automated. Because of this Whyellow designed and developed RAP (Running Animal Health Program). RAP is the intelligent engine that assesses all test results, maintains the animal health status of the farmers, communicates with external systems and requests real-time actions. These real-time actions indicate which actions a farmer, the lab or another party must carry out. With RAP, Whyellow ensured that the entire process has been significantly improved. The Health Service for the Animals can work faster and focus can on core tasks more efficiently.


One efficient implementation system for all animal programs.

100% process automation of lab test results (internal) and I&R reports.

Real-time status determination and information available.

Better reporting to government and interested parties.

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